What is difference between prostitutes and escorts?

difference between prostitutes and escorts

The Difference between Prostitute and Escorts. When talking about the differences between prostitution and escorting, it is not an easy task to answer.

Prostitutes are women who are only in it for the money; they are there to sell themselves for a business or a place of vocation.

On the other hand, escorts are women who are on contract with a host of clientele. Both agencies' workers and prostitutes are usually employed by them. The women come from different age groups and ethnicities.

Some are fully fledged professional prostitutes and some are mere real estate agents who specialize in male clients. What unites them all is that they have little or no employment security or fixed working hours. Mostly their tasks involve physical labor and service work.

Even though this profession is comparatively new in India, it has existed in some degree in many parts of the world.

There is a gender aspect to it is sometimes called a gender free profession. However, the cases of men charging sex from women as prostitutes is not uncommon in many countries.

There are cases where one would have to pay for the sexual services of a woman only when the relationship goes beyond a certain level. However, prostitution is illegal in India and law enforcers strictly enforce the rules.

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Sex between two individuals of the same sex is not illegal in many parts of the world.

The only distinction in this field is that escorts are much more proficient in communication and negotiation with their clients than the normal prostitutes.

The difference between prostitution and escorting is that while the former involves sexual intercourse with prostitutes, the latter entails relations with clients of other sex. Thus the latter is associated with infidelity and blackmail.

Advantages Of Prostitution Over Escorts

Women who choose to be prostitutes find many advantages over those who choose to become escorts.

For starters, there is less tension in a relationship since the woman in prostitution has to be open to other partners as compared to the girl who works as an escort. They can expect more open-minded clients compared to prostitutes who remain close to their clients for a very long time. Women who become commercial prostitutes have to be professional.

A normal escort would be available to go to her clients, but a commercial prostitute might not want to be alone all the time. Due to this reason, it is easy to see how a lot of a professional prostitute's work is already in a public place.

What is Escorts

Escorts can be seen in many cities around the globe. A person looking for escorts can actually start by looking at the city or country they are currently living in.

They can browse through various websites that will show you the different places in which escorts can be found. They can get information about how to find escorts by looking at the directories available.

The basic thing to remember is that there are a certain number of escorts that will be running around at any given time. They can be called the floozy.

The best way to locate them is to use the services of an online directory that can connect people with escorts. This type of directory will allow you to make a request to a specific agency that has been set up for that purpose.

You will then get to speak to a person who will direct you to the company. The companies will then be able to provide you with a suitable person.

These reputable agencies will also pay attention to your preferences and you will be in a position to choose a person who will fit your needs. If you are looking for short term arrangements then you can choose a temporary one.

The length of the relationship can vary, but usually it is somewhere around three days. If you are looking for long term arrangements then you can search for someone who is experienced.

In most cases this is someone who has been on several clients before. Escorts who have worked on longer terms have a greater selection of clients to choose from and usually can charge more for their services.

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