Top 10 Prostitution Areas in India

India has been a country where prostitution has been a tradition since the ancient days of kings and zamindars. Later on, when India became a democratic nation, there were new constituencies that illegalized prostitution like many other countries in the world. But what about those people whose main profession was prostitution? What they were supposed to do in order to maintain their convenience? Yeah, so this was the matter which still remains to be solved. And that is the reason why there are still areas in the country which are inhabited with people whose main occupation is prostitution. It’s true that in spite of prostitution being an illegal act, still, it is openly happening in many areas in the country. Today, we will be discussing the top 10 prostitution areas in India. Many of us might not be aware of the places that still exist in India where prostitution is the main source of bread and butter of the residents. Let’s find out more about them.

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1. Sonagachhi, Kolkata

This is the place where there are brothels everywhere, the entire area is flooded with brothels and it is wholly known as Sonagachhi. The area falls in the part of North Kolkata known as Shovabazaar. The Sonagacchi Red Light Area starts from the Shova Bazaar metro station. It is not only the largest red-light area in India and Asia but one of the largest red-light areas in the world.

★ Total Number of Prostitutes: Around 15000
★ Sourced From: North India, Kolkata, Bangladesh, North-East India, Nepal

2. Kamathipura, Mumbai

Kamathipura in Mumbai, the second-largest red-light area in India where you will find many sex workers residing in specific areas. This area has got lose connections with Mumbai underworld and smuggling activities. In the early ’80s, underworld mafias and gangsters like Haji Mastan or Dawood Ibrahim were frequently seen in this area. It is the oldest red-light area in South Mumbai, which was established in 1795 by the British Government. The area is located on Grant Road and was known as Lal Bazaar, back in the 18th century. Later it became famous due to the Kamathi people of Andhra Pradesh. Hence the name is so.

★ Total Number of Sex Workers: Around 5000
★ Sourced From: Rural villages in India, Bangladesh, and Nepal

3. Budhwar Peth, Pune

The third-largest area in India known for the red-light activities having around 700 brothels and 5000+ prostitutes residing in. The area is located at the heart of the Pune city and famous for electronic items, daily convenience materials, and books. There are famous Ganapati temples are also situated. Altogether, you can consider the place as a market hub. Such an area is always crowded with a huge number of people. So we can assume that the Budhwar Peth red-light area gets regular customers.

★ Total Number of Prostitutes: Around 5000+, 700 Brothels
★ Sourced From: Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, North, and North-East India

4. Meerganj, Allahabad

A famous red-light area in Allahabad, India where there are many brothels occupying Prostitutes from various parts of the country. Mainly the trafficking is done from the States like West Bengal, Jharkhand, Bihar, and other states of North-East India. Foreign Countries such as Bangladesh and Nepal are also effective for illegal trafficking to this Red-light area. The area is located at the heart of the chowk where there are many Shops, offices, schools, colleges, and business centers are available. The place is less Hygienic and crowded with people dealing with notorious activities like trafficking, Robbery, and smuggling. So a bit unsafe for common people.

★ Total Number of Prostitutes: Around 3000+
★ Sourced From: West Bengal, Jharkhand, Bihar, MP, UP, North-East States of India

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5. G.B Road, Delhi

This is a very famous red-light area in Delhi, India situated in between Ajmeri Gate And Lahori Gate. There are more than thousands of prostitutes are residing in this Red-light area. More than hundreds of brothers are closely situated together incorporated in the vicinity of several multi-storied buildings. Prostitutes from all Around the country come here and reside. You will mainly find the north Indian, Punjabi Girls, Delhi Girls. You also might find the Bengali and Mallu prostitutes along with Bangladeshi and Nepali girls. This has been considered among the topmost red-light Areas in India.

★ Total Number of Prostitutes: 50+ Brothels, 1000+ Prostitutes
★ Sourced From: Delhi, UP, North-Eastern India, Nepal, Bangladesh

6. Chaturbhujsthan, Muzaffarpur

Chaturbhujsthan in Muzaffarpur, Bihar is a Kilometer long area where prostitution is openly occurring since the Moghul period. From recent surveys, it is found that there are around 3500 sex-workers (officially) residing in this district who earns income through Mujra dance and sex services. The district is named after the famous Chaturbhujsthan Temple where millions of people visit throughout the year as a pilgrimage. This place is one of the important areas of the top 10 prostitution areas in India.

★ Total Number of Prostitutes: 3500+ Sex workers, 500+ Brothels
★ Sourced From: MP, UP, West Bengal, North-Eastern India, Nepal, Bangladesh

7. Itwari, Nagpur (Ganga-Jamuna Red-light Area)

It’s an area which is closely located near the Nagpur, Itawari Railway station. There is a junction/signal called Aadam Shah Square which falls on CA Road. The Ganga Jamuna prostitute area is just at a walkable distance from there. The area is infamous for unsocial activities, and frequent police raids. So you need to be careful if you are planning for a visit there.

★ Total Number of Se-Workers: 1500+ Commercial Sex-Workers
★ Sourced From: Nagpur, Mumbai, Kolkata, UP, MP, North India, Nepal, Assam

8. Shivdaspur, Varanasi

Shivdaspur is a red-light village in Varanasi, an eastern region in Uttar Pradesh. Earlier there was another red-light village near Kashi-Vishwanath Temple which was known as Dalamandi. In the year 1970, when this prostitution area got banned due to government intervention, the red-light area got shifted to Shivdaspur. This place is a famous prostitution area in India. A lot many professional escorts and prostitutes have been residing here along with their family and running their lives.

★ Total Number of Prostitutes: 5000+ Prostitutes are present
★ Sourced From: MP, North India, North-East India

9. Nat Purwa, Uttar Pradesh

There has been a sad past history of Natpurwa, a small village inhabited by “Nats” a tribe, a nomadic local tribe. This village is a bit far from Lucknow. You need to travel for around 100 Kilometers from the main city to reach there. In the year of 1871, the British government introduced the Criminal Act due to which all the activities the Nat tribe used to offer were banned. They were mainly involved in juggling, magic shows, tribal dance acts, gymnastics, etc. The male performers were taken to the prisons and were tortured unnecessarily. Back then the females found themselves helpless and chose prostitution as their profession in order to run their family. Since then, prostitution has become the tradition in this small NatPurwa Village which apparently comes in the top 10 red-light localities in India.

★ Total Number of Prostitutes: 2000+ Sex-Workers, 200+ Brothels
★ Sourced From: Local Village, Other Parts of India

10. Vadia, Gujarat

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Vadia, have you heard about the place? Well, this village in Gujarat, which is located near To the Rajasthan border area, it is entirely involved with prostitution. The village is formed By the nomadic tribe Saraniya (once the Saraniya community fought for the village, It was a pre-Indian independence movement). Sex-work and prostitution is the main Profession and the major source of income in this famous Indian Red-Light Area. According to the surveys, almost 100% of the total number of women are involved in Prostitution, where the men act as the pimps to find regular customers for them. Surprisingly! In a nation like India, where prostitution is not legalized, an entire village Exists whose main economy is dependent on prostitution. Every family member gets Gets involved in this profession and they continue the same with interest. The men Who acts as the pimps don’t try for any other profession, but search for customers for Their family members like sisters, daughters, wives, and even mothers. Organizations Like Vicharti Samudaya Samarpan Manch (VSSM) has been fighting for the women rights Whose aim is to abolish the prostitution and save women from being considered as a Commodity to earn money. They found marriage is the one and the only solution to end the trend. They arranged several mass-marriage occasions too. But alas! Even after their Official marriage, the wife found again doing the same activities as earlier, while The husband becomes a pimp to get customers for his wife!

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