List of Red light areas in mumbai: updated 2023

History of Red Light Areas in Mumbai

The red light areas in Mumbai have a rich history dating from the British time. In the time of British rule Mumbai was home to many brothels, and they were frequented by the British sailors and soldiers. After independence was declared, there was a surge in the number of brothels doubled and Mumbai was transformed into a hub of prostitution. The well-known red light area, Kamathipura was set up in around the turn of the century, and is still operating today.

Kamathipura is known as a red light district in Mumbai that is situated in Mumbai Central. In this vast Mumbai red light area, the sex workers are predominantly of Devdasi Pata. They are mostly from those from the Indian States comprising Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Solapur. Most of the sex users are from the remote districts in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Maharashtra. Kamathipura is the second largest red-light district that has a significant number of prostitutes.

2. Pila House (secure Red light areas in mumbai)

This location was very popular in during the 80s. Nepalese women run in the sex trade in the town. The majority of the villas in the area are not well-known in this area. They are being planned for redevelopment, and the area will likely disappear as the times change.

3. Foras Road

This is notoriously a prostitution spot in which Mujras are carried out. The sex employees here are from northern states such as Moradabad, Lucknow, Agra, Ratlam, and Bhopal in the northern states. Only sex workers do Mujras on this location. The Mumbai red light area includes places like Beer Bars and Ladies Bars and the location is consequently an outcome of the emergence and growing.

4. Congress House

Gangsters like Dawood Ibrahim, Haji Mastan and Arun Gawli crafted this region for their pleasure in the 1980s. It was also visited by the kingpins and politicians. But, due to the evolution and emergence in a trend and the current state of the flesh trade this location will be in decline for a long time.

5. Malad

It is an area of Mumbai situated in the western region in the center of Mumbai. Malad is home to around 400 prostitutes and lodges are available for rent per hour in the Mumbai red light area for sexually explicit activities.

6. Mulund

The area is in the northeastern region of Mumbai Mulund is also known as the Mini Kamathipura. The place is home to around 500 sex employees and it is reminiscent of the biggest red light district in Mumbai, Kamathipura.

7. Falkland Road (expensive Red light areas in mumbai)

Falkland Road is situated near Grant Road station and is an extremely well-known red light area in Mumbai. The region is packed with cheap lodgings and hotels. The place is often frequented by tourists and business professionals.

8. Garib Nagar

It is one of the least-known red light zones in Mumbai. Garib Nagar is situated in the northwestern region of Mumbai near railway tracks. The area is well-known for its prostitution and the trade in drugs. Sexually active women from all parts of the globe can be seen in this area.

9. Ghatkopar

This is an enormous red light area in Mumbai situated in the eastern portion of Mumbai. The area is home to around 1,500 sex employees. It is famous by its “prostitute lanes”.

10. Grant Road (low budget Red light areas in mumbai)

The district with the red light is known as Jamuna Mandi and the girls are from South Karnataka.

Safety Tips for Visitors

Should you are planning to go to any or the red light zones in Mumbai Here are some security tips to keep in your

  • Always bargain the price prior to taking advantage of any services
  • Make sure you are protected to avoid STDs and unwanted pregnancy
  • Do not carry too many cash or valuables
  • Respect sex employees and to their work
  • Do not make photos or videos without a permit
  • Do not engage in any illegal activity


The red light areas in Mumbai have an extensive and controversial history however, they remain in existence because of the need to perform sex work. Although prostitution is not legal in India however, red light areas are legal in India. red light areas provide work opportunities for women with no other way of earning an income. If you are going to be visiting or visit any red light locations in Mumbai ensure to adhere to the safety guidelines to make sure you have a safe and enjoyable experience.

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